Our classes have been developed to give you the maximum from your time with us.

All of our regular classes are based on a very simple half-day or full day booking. We sometimes add bespoke classes that will be priced individually.

All our classes are delivered in the following format:

1: Intro, familiarise yourself with the kitchen, health and safety then get your apron on 2: Spices, a walk through talk and discussion about the all important blending of spices 3: Let's prep up, cutting, slicing and getting your ingredients ready to cook
4: The fun part... Cooking! 5: A recap of everything you have just been taught 6: Q&A session

Group Classes:

Our group classes are limited to 6 people to ensure that full attention is given to everyone as much as possible. We have also found that this number gives you the chance to socialise with the others in the class, chat food and have a giggle.

One to One Bespoke:

This is your chance to have the luxury of a teacher all to yourself. Your menu is tailored around your loves and is all about you, your lifestyle and exactly what you want to learn and skills you wish to develop. These can be as basic or as advanced as you need them to be depending on the level you are already at.