In 1996, I came from a very busy city in India, therefore, life was a big shock in Lancaster. I found the pace of life very slow and strange. Due to my pleasing personality and being a very energetic person, I couldn't bear the thought of staying at home and letting this wonderful opportunity of being in a new country pass me by.

Being a mother of 3 young children, I soon found out that working for other people would not allow me to achieve the best at my job. I certainly needed a job that meant I was my own boss.

The unique recipes and uncompromising use of only premium ingredients is a further reflection of the passion Sanah brings to all her classes.

Holding these traditional values ensures that you will delight in every mouthful you create with the help and guidance of your host Sanah.

Our combined efforts, experience and raw talent will definitely put a twist into your dining experience.

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